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The History Of Mopar Mountain Part 2

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The automotive industry has had a long, complicated history. Chrysler, with its Mopar division, is no different. Today’s blog will wrap up the innovative history that has put Mopar parts and accessories on the map. Pirate Jack Hot Rod Restoration takes this history to heart through our inventory of high-quality disc brake conversion kits and brake rotor replacement options. Our performance parts and conversion kits ensure that your muscle car has tools needed to both burn rubber and stop safely!

After the indirect ban on their 426 hemi, Chrysler’s racing director put forth a boycott on NASCAR events. The result? Fans stayed home. The quickest, strongest vehicles and drivers (including Richard Petty) were the show people came to see. NASCAR was seeing a huge loss in profits and people were quickly becoming desperate to rectify the situation. July of 1965 saw a begrudging acceptance of Mopar racers back into the fold. Ultimately, NASCAR’s “stock” car racing rule allowed the 426 hemi back into the racing circuit due to its regular production for the general public. A lesser quality of this V8 behemoth was made for the general public, and that fact let Mopar sneak back in. This led to a reemergence of Chrysler’s engines dominating the racing scene.

The early 1970s saw more innovation with the emergence of the Direct Connection. This program was a catalog that offered a plethora of approved replacement and aftermarket parts for Chrysler vehicles. The late 1980s introduced more changes as the Direct Connection became known as Mopar Performance Parts. Today this entity provides high-quality parts for:

  • Chrysler
  • Jeep
  • Fiat
  • Eagle
  • Plymouth
  • Dodge   =>


Today’s Mopar enthusiasts will defend the business with religious devotion. With a rich history of innovation, design, and winning, the Motor Parts Company has come a long ways. Their tradition lives on in our store through our quality performance brake rotors and muscle car parts. Trusted and proven, let Mopar take the burden of your car’s performance needs. Contact us today for solutions to your car’s unique style and requirements!

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