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Convert the Front and Rear Disc Brakes with Our A-Body Kit

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Older vehicles often have drum brakes on all four wheels. These brakes are generally less efficient than newer disc brakes, so many car enthusiasts decide to undergo a disc brake conversion using a kit from Pirate Jack to change their brakes over. However, you can choose to change either just the front brakes--leaving drum brakes on the back wheels--or you can do all four brakes. The choice will be up to you. 

Which brakes are you converting? Some people choose to convert just the front brakes and some choose to do all four brakes. We have conversion kits for all of these scenarios, including our Mopar A, B, E Body Front & Rear Disc Brake Kit which comes with everything you'll need to convert all four brakes. 

Doing your front brakes is really almost a necessity. Your front wheels have a lot more to do with the braking power of your vehicle, so while the back brakes definitely help, the front brakes should be your main concern. Doing all four brakes, though, could give you the ultimate braking control. All-disc braking systems can be found on many high-performance vehicles, so if you are planning on putting your car through its paces you might want to consider a full conversion.

We have everything you'll need in our online store. Browse through and find the kit that fits your car's specifications as well as gives you the parts that you need to get your conversion done. Most of the items in the Pirate Jack store ship for free, too, so you'll same a little extra on your order. Shop with us today!