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The Warning Signs Of Worn Out Brakes

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If you’re driving your vehicle, it’s a guarantee that you are putting wear and tear on your car’s braking system. Pirate Jack Hot Rod Restoration knows the value of having operational brake rotors and pads. Whether you are looking for an upgrade after utilizing our disc brake conversion kits or simply needing brake rotor replacement for your Mopar and Mustang vehicles, we have it in stock. Many people know the dangers of using crummy brakes, but not all are aware of the signs and symptoms. A few common issues consist of:


The first and most obvious signal of worn out brakes is the audible squeaking that they emit. This squeaking, along with grinding, occurs when the pads are too thin or the rotors are warped/damaged. Don’t worry if your wheels start to squeal — there is a warning tab on the pads that give early warning to replacement needs. However, worry should be applied if those breaks are neglected for too long! Once your pads are worn down sufficiently, the squeaking sounds will be replaced or accompanied by grinding sounds. This is a good indicator that you need brake rotor replacement.

Bad Response Time

A key factor that goes into your car’s brakes is how fast those brakes allow you to stop. Any component in the system that is worn down will lead to inefficiencies in the braking process. A typical issue in this department would be a leak somewhere in the system that causes brake fluid loss. If you notice that the brake pedal travels further and requires more effort to stop, a brake check should be in order.


If applying the brakes equates to your car pulling to one side, there is an issue with how evenly your brakes are wearing down. This issue often can be fixed with a brake adjustment. Another loud warning sign is the vibration that occurs when applying the brakes. This interference is often due to warped rotors not being able to apply constant, consistent friction with the pads. Vibration can also be defined as pulsation from braking, whether it be in your hands, in the pedal, or felt in your seat while driving. The common culprit of warped rotors is excessive heat caused by friction. During times of heavy braking, your rotors will heat up and begin to warp. Our inventory of drilled and slotted performance brake rotors helps to increase air circulation to keep the temperatures down.

Warning Lights

Newer vehicles typically have two brake lights that can illuminate. Your Anti-lock braking system light means something with the ABS system is not working properly but can normally function as designed. However, the main brake warning light typically equals brake component failure. If the latter light pops up on your console, don’t ignore it! Braking failures are dangerous and can lead to catastrophic consequences if not quickly rectified.

Having clean, working brakes is of utmost importance for all vehicles. Pirate Jack Hot Rod Restoration is your source for premium rotor replacements and disc brake conversion kits. Our experts have the inventory and knowledge needed to make your car a safe speed machine. Braking systems are our name, convenience and quality are our game. Check out our online store today and contact us to see how we can help make your vehicle shine!