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We carry a wide array of proportioning valves to help you with your disc brake conversion. These valves help make sure you have the correct pressure you need in order to apply the front and rear brakes. When converting your drum to disc brakes there are a few options you can choose from: brass, aluminum, chrome and adjustable valves. Most of our set valves operate the same way but since styling is a part of Hot Rod Restoration we are proud to offer several different castings and colors. Remember when converting your rear brakes, you will always need to change out the proportioning valve, regardless of if you have one already installed on your vehicle. Your vehicle may already have a proportioning valve installed, but prior to 1971 you have a 2 piece system and some installers forget to remove both pieces when installing the new, revised, one-piece proportioning valve. It is also a good idea to figure out what line size you have and make sure you have the necessary reducers or adapters you may need in order to adapt your lines to our valves. Below you will find all our proportioning valve kits whether it be disc/drum, disc/disc kits, brackets, or proportioning valve accessories. We have you covered! If you need help please contact us at 866-601-4455.