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The Benefits of Tubular Control Arms for Your Camaro, Firebird or Chevy Nova

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If you are fixing up an old Camaro, Firebird, or Chevy Nova, you probably have enough on your plate that needs to be done. So should you really worry about replacing the control arms? The answer really depends on your personal preferences and what you plan on using the hot rod for when it is finished. When it comes to hot rod restoration, though, Pirate Jack has your answer. Check out the benefits of tubular control arms on your Camaro, Firebird or Chevy Nova

  • They can improve the handling of your vehicle, allowing you to corner better (especially if you plan on driving it hard!). 
  • Older control arms can crack more easily. If the arms need to be replaced, you may as well replace them with higher-performing tubular arms. 
  • New control arms give you different tire options for your vehicle.
  • Improved suspension geometry on your vehicle. 
  • Tubular arms can even improve your resale value if the work is done correctly and you use high quality parts.

Essentially, if you are simply refurbishing your vehicle to be driven on the street, you may be able to get away with stock control arms. But if you are looking to make a vehicle that's fun to drive, can handle whatever you throw at it, and looks as amazing as possible, tubular control arms are the replacement auto parts that you need. 

Place an order for your tubular control arms from Pirate Jack today. If you aren't working on a Camaro, Firebird or Chevy Nova, you can search our online store for the parts that you need for the hot rod of your choice. Most of the items in our store ship for free!