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How to Measure Your Bolt Pattern to Find the Right Brake Conversion Kit

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When it comes to purchase a brake conversion kit from Pirate Jack, we make it pretty easy to ensure you are getting the right one. We categorize our kits according to type and year of your vehicle. So, for instance, you would purchase our 1962-1972 Mopar A Body Small Bolt Pattern brake conversion kit if you are working on a smaller, A-body vehicle made between 1962-1972. This would include vehicles such as: 

  • 60-76 Valiant
  • 71-76 Scamp
  • 67-69 Barracuda
  • 70-76 Duster
  • 71-72 Demon
  • 63-76 Dart

All of our product pages include a listing of the years, makes and models that the kit will fit. Another way to verify you are getting the right kit is to compare the bolt pattern. These cars all have a small bolt pattern, 5x4, common on early 1960's vehicles. If you don't know your bolt pattern, it's easy to figure out. 

The first number comes from the number of bolts being used on your wheels. The second number is your diameter. To figure this out on a 5-bolt wheel, you'll measure from the outside of the first hole to the middle of the third hole. It may not be an exact science, but you'll get a number that should allow you to make an educated purchase on the disc conversion kit that you need.

Still not sure which kit to purchase? Give our team a call. We'll help you get the conversion kit that you need. Most of our items come with free shipping, too! Shop in the Pirate Jack store today.