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Chevy Hi Nova Disc Brake Kit How To

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Need a great how to article on fixing up your Nova? Check out the link below!

Hydro Boost Repair Video - See How Easy It Is!

Need help? Check out this video before you buy and see how easy it is!

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Don't take our word for it. Check out this awesome video from Rides & Wrecks!

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Hydroboost repair How To Fix Your Leaking Hydro Boost Step by step

All Years Before 2002 $35      All Years After 2002 $30      This is a universal seal kit meant to repair almost any hydroboost unit produced. Most hydroboost units are manufactured by Bendix and nearly all the seals in the units have remained the same. The pictures below are from a 2005 Chevy 1500 4x4 Truck, however, your unit may [...]

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Correcting Bad Driving Habits

Last week, we looked at how improper riding of your car’s brakes can lead to disaster. Pirate Jack Hot Rod Restoration specializes in disc brake conversion kits because we love cars. Offering new-age performance plus old car parts is what we do. Consequently, we strive to keep our vehicles (and yours!) in prime condition. Beyond riding [...]

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Riding Those Brakes?

Our roads are dotted with cars that constantly sport their brake lights. Often, your following of one of these riders of the brakes leaves you frustrated and impatient. Not only are these instances irritating for people pushing the speed limits, but it can also be quite dangerous. Your car’s braking system was designed to absorb [...]

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The History Of Mopar Mountain Part 2

The automotive industry has had a long, complicated history. Chrysler, with its Mopar division, is no different. Today’s blog will wrap up the innovative history that has put Mopar parts and accessories on the map. Pirate Jack Hot Rod Restoration takes this history to heart through our inventory of high-quality disc brake conversion kits and [...]

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The History Of Mopar Mountain Part 1

In today’s society, you’ll be hard pressed to find a citizen that has not heard the term Mopar. This combination of the words motor and parts holds a lot more value than one might think. Mopar inspires thoughts of quality and innovation throughout the history of American automobiles. Pirate Jack Hot Rod Restoration is your [...]

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The Warning Signs Of Worn Out Brakes

If you’re driving your vehicle, it’s a guarantee that you are putting wear and tear on your car’s braking system. Pirate Jack Hot Rod Restoration knows the value of having operational brake rotors and pads. Whether you are looking for an upgrade after utilizing our disc brake conversion kits or simply needing brake rotor replacement [...]

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The Ease Of Power Brakes

Today’s cars are stocked full of modern convenience and comfort. One such component that people take for granted is the power brake. This process multiplies the force put on the master cylinder from your foot on the brake pedal. Pirate Jack is your source for power brake boosters and hydroboost kits for your vehicle. However, these [...]

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