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Get a MOPAR Brake Conversion Kit for Your El Camino

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The Chevrolet El Camino is a vehicle that's hard to miss on the road. These vehicles are one of the only ones to successfully combine the sedan and the pickup into one modern vehicle. They called it a "coupe utility" vehicle and it was in production from 1959 to 1987, giving it one of the longer runs in vehicle history. Most collectors favor the second generation models, which Chevy produced from 1964-1967. These vehicles had more powerful engines and the 1967 models saw an overhaul on design that left them looking more modern. The third generation, made from 1967 to 1972, remains popular with collector's on today's market, as well. 

Pirate Jack carries MOPAR brake conversion kits for your El Camino. Any car collector will tell you that a brake conversion is practically a must-have for these powerful cars, as it increases their braking performance as well as improves their overall handling. Our most popular brake conversion kit fits El Caminos from 1967-1969, though you'll find other kits in our online store to fit other model years. All of the parts in our conversion kits are brand new, so you are only getting the best for your El Camino. 

Place an order for your MOPAR conversion kits in the Pirate Jack store today. Pirate Jack ensures you get top-quality parts for your vehicle and our kits have absolutely everything that you'll need to complete the conversion. We work hard to make sure each kit is as easy to use as possible and we even ship most of the items in our online store to you for free. Shop Pirate Jack for your MOPAR replacement auto parts today!