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What Your Bolt Pattern Is and Why It Matters

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When shopping on the Pirate Jack website, you might see a description that something like this:

1962-1972 Mopar A Body Small Bolt Pattern Standard Disc Brake Conversion Kit 

What's that "small bolt pattern business" all about? Let's take a look at what a bolt pattern is and why it matters when you are shopping for replacement auto parts. 

What is a bolt pattern?

Your bolt pattern is literally the pattern of the bolt on the wheels of your vehicle. The bolt pattern has two numbers; the first is the number of bolts in the patterns (usually 4, 5, 6 or 8) and the second number is the diameter of the circle created by the bolts. So, an 5x110 bolt pattern indicates that the replacement auto parts will fit wheels with 5 bolts at a 110mm diameter. 

What does a bolt pattern matter?

Different cars use different bolt patterns, so you'll need to know yours when making a purchase for your vehicle to ensure the bolts and the replacement part line up correctly.

What is a small bolt pattern?

Many early 1960's vehicles used a small bolt pattern of 5x4 on their standard rotors. This was a smaller than normal pattern, so if your vehicle utilizes this pattern you'll want to make sure you get replacement parts that are especially make for it. 

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