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Why You Need to Use a High Quality Disc Brake Kit for Your Mopar B & E Body Vehicle

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There are so many benefits from using a disc brake conversion kit on your Mopar B & E body vehicle. They can improve the handling of your hot rod, give it a more polished look, and in many cases it can even increase the resale value of your vehicle. The key to all of this, though, is to use the right brake conversion kit. 

Some of the brake conversion kits on the market today are put together with used parts. Kit manufacturers try to cut corners by purchasing used parts and re-purposing them in their kits, saving them money but increasing problems for the end user. Other manufacturers might use parts that are low quality and definitely aren't Mopar parts. This can actually hurt the value of your vehicle, because smart buyers are going to check the parts and ensure they meet their exacting standards. If they don't, they know the parts will need to be replaced and offer you less money for the vehicle. Considering all the love, sweat, and time you put into the hot rod to get it ready to sell, being offered less because of a manufacturer's kit issue is a real blow. 

That's why more people are using Pirate Jack kits. Our kits use all-new high-quality parts so you can rely on their performance and we make sure that every part you use is something that you'll actually need. We even use these kits ourselves to ensure they are put together to make your brake conversion easier to complete. Our kits are made to make your hot rod better and increase its value. 

Place an order with Pirate Jack for the brake conversion kit that you need. Most of the items in our online store come with free shipping included! 

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