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Three Ways Our Mopar A-Body Disc Brake Conversion Kit is Making Your Life Easier

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Disc brake conversions aren't the easier job you'll do when fixing up an old muscle car, but a conversion kit from Pirate Jack can definitely make your life easier. We sell kits like that 1962-1972 Mopar A-Body Small Bolt Pattern Standard Disc Brake Conversion Kit with Powder Coated Black Calipers. Because we know that this is a popular project with car enthusiasts and something that can cause customers a lot of headaches, we've made sure to make our kits as easy as possible to use. Here are three things we've done to make your conversion easier: 

  • We include spindle adapter sleeves. These pieces sell for $50 or more on other sites, but we include them in our kits because we know they are a vital piece of equipment that will make your conversion a much smoother process. 
  • We redesigned our parts so you don't have to change out your control arm. This was the most expensive and exhaustive part of the disc brake conversion process and now you won't have to mess with it. This change saves you both time and money!
  • Free help from our conversion and restoration experts. When you purchase one of our kits, you'll get access to our team of experts for free. Just give us a call if you run into any issues and we'll help you resolve the issue. This is invaluable for DIY enthusiasts when they run into a problem. 

We love working on cars as much as you do and that's why we've put so much time and energy into perfecting our brake conversion kits. You can trust Pirate Jack to give you the best possible kits for your money. We even include shipping on most items for sale in our store. Place an order for this conversion kit or the one that's right for your project!