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The History Of Mopar Mountain Part 1

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In today’s society, you’ll be hard pressed to find a citizen that has not heard the term Mopar. This combination of the words motor and parts holds a lot more value than one might think. Mopar inspires thoughts of quality and innovation throughout the history of American automobiles. Pirate Jack Hot Rod Restoration is your source for muscle car parts and disc brake conversion kits. We offer Mopar style accessories and know the history behind each piece. Mopar historically only focused on Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, and Jeep. For educational purposes, we’ll reach back and glance over the decades of innovation that combines into the Mopar lifestyle.

The late 1920s saw the purchasing of Dodge by Chrysler. The overwhelming size and demand of Chrysler for parts manufacturing and distribution led to the formation of the Chrysler Motor Parts Corporation. Funnily, the term Mopar during this time was used for antifreeze only. Having this term trademarked was a step in the right direction for Chrysler, but they needed more for appropriate brand recognition. The end of the 1930s saw the introduction of MoPar as the official designation for the CRMC. The Motor Parts division was again changed for the sake of product branding.

The 1960s and 70s saw the era of muscle cars. Baby boomers were now young adults with cash in the pocket and the mind focused on speed. 1955 saw the introduction of the Chrysler C-300. This behemoth boasted a powerful engine with 8 cylinders and 331 cubic inches. At the time, it was the strongest, fast car available and no other company could match the speed. The year 1964 brought Mopar’s Race Hemi engine. This newer, stronger beast boasted a 426 cubic inch setup that blew the competition away! People were hailing the hemi as the best combustion engine of all time. This edge gave Chrysler the advantage whenever anyone mentioned drag racing and NASCAR. Ford was snuffed with their racing machines sitting around 165 miles an hour while the new hemi engine stacked into the lower 170s! Chrysler simply dominated the 1964 racing season. 1965 saw Nascar’s new rules outlawing the 426 hemi. The waters were becoming even more choppy for Chrysler and their dominating success.

         "The Waters were becoming even more choppy for Chrysler and their                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                         dominating success"

The muscle car era centers around this desire for flashy exteriors and torque-churning high-performance engines. Next week, we’ll look at the rest of what made Mopar products great. Pirate Jack offers the parts of this giant in the form of master cylinder replacements and brake conversion kits. The quality and history behind these OEM parts aids in our drive for customer satisfaction. Contact us today to see how historical innovation can make your car shine!