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The Ease Of Power Brakes

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Today’s cars are stocked full of modern convenience and comfort. One such component that people take for granted is the power brake. This process multiplies the force put on the master cylinder from your foot on the brake pedal. Pirate Jack is your source for power brake boosters and hydroboost kits for your vehicle. However, these performance enhancing tools were not always widely available. Cars in the past have functioned without any braking assistance from the car. Drivers in this category often experienced tired, exhausted legs from all of the energy used to stop. Advances in technology quickly led to the invention of vacuum boosters for convenience.

Vacuum Boosters

This device was invented nearly nine decades ago with the intention of shortening stop distances in your vehicle. Vacuum boosters multiply the amount of pressure exerted on the brakes by pulling air out of the chamber with a pump. This action creates a low-pressure system that pushes the diaphragm forward. This couples with the pulling action of the vacuum to multiply the force exerted on the rod that pushes the master cylinder. Having a booster in working condition is essential to properly applying the brakes. If the vacuum is failing, you’ll know it!

Hydraulic Brake Booster

Unlike the vacuum booster, hydraulic brake boosters use hydraulic pressure from the power steering pump to aid in braking procedures. Pressure from the pump is stored in an accumulator, where the stored energy can be transferred to the master cylinder when the brakes are applied. This setup can be particularly handy for vehicles who naturally do not have enough vacuum power to be useful for braking systems. People who drive diesel or supercharged vehicles are much more familiar with hydraulic boosters. Keep in mind that this style relies on the power steering pump — cars without this pump equals no brake boosting.

Whether your vehicle relies on vacuum pressurization or hydraulic pressure, the end result is what matters. Being able to quickly and tirelessly hit the brakes is vital for daily driving. Operating a vehicle without power brakes can be a dangerous prospect. Don’t risk the integrity of your health and your car’s condition. Pirate Jack has the braking components in stock that you need to keep your hot rod safe and styling. Our commitment to high-quality items and simple, accurate instructions for customer ease is our driving force in business.Shop our inventory, then contact us for answers to all of your improvement needs!