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Complete Front to Rear Line Kit w/ Flexhose-Original Steel

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When converting your drum system to disc brakes you will be cutting the old drum/drum valve off the frame and replacing it with a new disc/drum valve. Odds are the valve you are replacing is old and not in production any more. Most kits we sell incorporate a PV2 (Disc/Drum) valve or a PV4 (Disc/Disc) valve and will relocate the valve up to the firewall. You can spend the time to cut and splice a jumper line from the frame up to the firewall but in doing so you are using old lines that have been on the car for 30+ years. In some cases this is a quick and easy fix if you have the flaring tools, fittings, and the patience to do it. Make it easy with a whole new line kit. Includes all the line you need and is bent to the frame of the car. You will need to let us know a few questions when you check out so make sure you take the time to tell us what you have so you get the right kit.

 Complete Original Steel 8 Piece Line Kit Includes:

  • Front Lines From valve to the hoses on the frame
  • Rear Line Kit from valve to hoses on the frame
  • Rear Flex Hose
  • Clips, Screws and Mounts

**Picture may be different than what you receive as your line kit is made to order.

** Will need to know if you are running a Disc/ Drum or Disc/ Disc power or manual system and if your vehicle is a hart top or convertible. Please note these kits are made to order from the specs off your car and not returnable. 

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