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Mopar A Body Disc Brake Conversions: Power vs. Standard

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We know when it comes to your 1960s-1970s Mopar® restoration, you want everything to be perfect, but you don’t want to spend years finding the right parts for every single job. At Pirate Jack, we make your brake conversions easy, so you have a car braking system you can count on to perform when you need it most. All of our disc brake conversion kits are specific to your car’s body type, and include everything you need for the project.

Power vs. Manual Brake Conversions

When you are deciding which brake conversion to choose, some of it is your preference. While the manual is going to require more pressure to apply the brakes, many people prefer that feel, as well as the simplicity that having fewer parts brings. However, you are going to see more control and power with the booster brakes.

MOPAR disc brake conversion kits

Both of these brake conversion kits are designed for Mopar A Body cars made between 1962 and 1976. In particular:


63-76 Dart

71-72 Demon


60-76 Valiant

67-69 Barracuda

70-76 Duster

71-76 Scamp

*DOES NOT FIT: Cragger Steel, Year One Rally, or original small 9" drum braking system rims.