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1957-72 Ford 8" Dual Chrome Power Booster & Wilwood Conversion, Cars & Trucks

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Product Description

1957-72 Ford Fullsize Car & Truck 8" Dual Chrome Power Brake Booster featuring Wilwood® Master Cylinder 

Next time you pop the hood of your car at the weekend cruisin, you can be proud showing off a truly classy and sophisticated power brake booster design with a name that can back it up. This power brake booster conversion kit features an 8" Dual Chrome Power Brake Booster Kit combined with a 1" Bore Wilwood® Polished Aluminum Oval Style Master Cylinder. We've included matching stainless steel power booster mounting brackets to make this unit truly unique and stands out! 

The proportioning valve kit is a matching chrome & specifically designed to fit the 
Wilwood® Oval Master Cylinders for disc drum brakes. It's a fixed GM style valve which simplifies the braking process for you. Also included in this setup is the pre-bent stainless steel lines that hook up to the master cylinder & a sleek, matching chrome bracket off the left side of the master.

Contents of the kit Include:

  • 8" Dual CHROME Power Brake Booster
  • Specialty Ford Booster Mounting Bracket, Black Powder Coated
  • 260-8555-P Media Burnished Polished Aluminum Wilwood Master Cylinder for 1" Bore, Disc Drum
  • Matching Chrome Disc Drum Proportioning Valve
  • Stainless Steel Pre-Bent Lines to Master Cylinder
  • Matching Chrome Proportioning Valve Bracket
  • Booster Pedal Rod Extension
  • Additional Pedal Rod Ext. Included for some applications (Trucks) 


More Specific Information About the Wilwood Master Cylinder:

260-8555-P Wilwood® 1" Bore High Volume Tandem Master 

1" Bore High Volume Tandem Master Cylinder by Wilwood®. In Wilwood® have all the necessary accessories and replacement parts to keep your brake system working like clockwork. The 1” bore is designed for use primarily with power brake applications, either from vacuum assist or hydraulic assist systems. They’re designed for mount flanges from 3.22” to 3.40”, common measurements for most domestic cars and trucks from the mid 1960s to present, and offer fluid outlet ports on both sides of the bore. The stroke is set at 1.10” with a volume ratio of 2:1 between the primary and secondary chambers. Machined from high-pressure die castings, each master cylinder weighs only 3lbs, a 75% weight savings over most cast iron OE type master cylinders.

Fitment Data

1957FordCourier Sedan Delivery
1958FordCourier Sedan Delivery
1959FordCourier Sedan Delivery
1960FordCourier Sedan Delivery
1957FordF Series
1958FordF Series
1959FordF Series
1960FordF-100 Pickup
1961FordF-100 Pickup
1962FordF-100 Pickup
1963FordF-100 Pickup
1964FordF-100 Pickup
1965FordF-100 Pickup
1966FordF-100 Pickup
1967FordF-100 Pickup
1968FordF-100 Pickup
1969FordF-100 Pickup
1970FordF-100 Pickup
1971FordF-100 Pickup
1972FordF-100 Pickup
1960FordF-250 Pickup
1961FordF-250 Pickup
1962FordF-250 Pickup
1963FordF-250 Pickup
1964FordF-250 Pickup
1965FordF-250 Pickup
1966FordF-250 Pickup
1967FordF-250 Pickup
1968FordF-250 Pickup
1969FordF-250 Pickup
1970FordF-250 Pickup
1971FordF-250 Pickup
1972FordF-250 Pickup
1960FordF-350 Pickup
1961FordF-350 Pickup
1962FordF-350 Pickup
1963FordF-350 Pickup
1964FordF-350 Pickup
1965FordF-350 Pickup
1966FordF-350 Pickup
1967FordF-350 Pickup
1968FordF-350 Pickup
1969FordF-350 Pickup
1970FordF-350 Pickup
1971FordF-350 Pickup
1972FordF-350 Pickup
1961FordFalcon Sedan Delivery
1962FordFalcon Sedan Delivery
1963FordFalcon Sedan Delivery
1964FordFalcon Sedan Delivery
1965FordFalcon Sedan Delivery
1957FordF-100 Pickup
1957FordF-250 Pickup
1957FordF-350 Pickup
1958FordF-100 Pickup
1958FordF-250 Pickup
1958FordF-350 Pickup
1959FordF-100 Pickup
1959FordF-250 Pickup
1959FordF-350 Pickup

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