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Pirate Jack's Classic Series disc brake kits keep everything as stock as we can get. These kits are designed to keep your car looking as original as possible with the added safety feature of having disc brakes. Our manual master cylinder kit includes a ford mustang boss master cylinder and even includes the dimple on the front port as the original. If you want your master cylinder to have that special look we also offer a Ford "misprint" lid that you can add to your build. If you want to add power brakes we have that option too. Our booster conversion kits will give you the stopping power you need and the look your after too! We have matching rear brake if you want the full 4 wheel package. All our front kits will allow you to run your original 14" rims but the rear must change over to the 15" Line work will be needed to install the new valve as the original Mustang never intended to have disc brakes and the valve we include will need to be plumbed. 


front-kit.jpg mustangrearstd.jpg 
 1964-1966 Mustang Front PJ Classic Disc Brake Kit   1964-1966 Mustang Rear PJ Classic Disc Brake Kit